Рекуператор для U-образных труб Hauck RAD

Технические данные
The RADimax radiant tube plug-in recuperator is designed to maximize available heat to your combustion system by utilizing exhaust gases to preheat combustion air to the burner. For use with 6-inch ID or larger tubes, the RADimax can be installed in U tubes, W tubes, and Trident® tubes. Ideally suited for use with Hauck radiant tube burners with an input up to 700,000 Btu/hr (205 kW).
Cast iron bodies with a rugged vacuum formed insulated exhaust chamber
Finned, cast stainless steel recuperator assembly for maximum heat transfer
Multiple independent orientations of preheated air and exhaust gas outlets
Multiple sizes to fit a wide range of system capacities
Durable industrial construction designed for long life
Increased efficiency and fuel savings resulting in shortened payback period
Low air and exhaust pressure drop reduces blower pressure requirements
Preheated air temperatures up to 900?F (485?C)
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