Комбинированные блочные горелки Hauck NovaStar

Технические данные
Hauck’s ultra low NOx NovaStar burner continues the company’s high quality commitment to state of the art advancements for the aggregate drying industry. Utilizing the latest lean burn premix technologies (patent pending), the NovaStar offers design and performance advantages with service accessibility and ease of installation. Available in various sizes the NovaStar is ready to meet your production needs and even the most stringent air quality standards with ultra low NOx emissions on gaseous fuels — less than 15 ppm (corrected to 3% O2) – without the added expense of flue gas recirculation technology. The burner is capable of supporting a variety of gaseous fuels offering you ultimate flexibility in managing today’s highly volatile fuel pricing. The NovaStar employs variable frequency drive (VFD) technology for precise air flow control over its entire operating range eliminating the need for inlet or outlet dampers. This reduces inefficient excess air operation resulting in considerable energy savings. The burner can be easily operated and effectively managed with PLC-based control provided by Hauck’s BCS products. The burner produces a compact flame, eliminating the need for constant flame adjustment. All combustion is completed within the recommended combustion zone, further reducing emissions by eliminating flame quenching from process materials. The NovaStar’s sealed-in construction, coupled with its high efficiency aerodynamic design, significantly reduces operational noise. The NovaStar is backed by our well respected service department and our more than 50 years of experience as a leader and partner to the aggregate drying industry.
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