Комбинированные горелки Hauck 780PAC

Технические данные
The burners in the Hauck 780PAC series are self-proportioning (P), automatically controlled (A), combination fuel fired (C) units equipped with lubrication fittings. These burners are specifically designed to use low pressure atomizing air when operating on oil. The 780PAC efficiently burns gas, oil-even the heaviest grades-or a combination of these fuels. Each burner is its own individual fuel-air proportioning unit. All of the required combustion and atomizing air is supplied through a single air connection on each burner. Both oil and gas can be burned simultaneously in. varying proportions after the proper adjustments are made. This Hauck burner permits instant switching from gas to oil or oil to gas by merely closing one fuel valve and opening the other. The flow of oil and/or gas and air is accurately proportioned and controlled by the movement of one lever which can be either manually or automatically operated over the entire range of firing capacity.
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